LCD TV Built In To A Mirror

Written by Smarthouse Team     20/02/2007 | 00:36 | Category: HOME

The ultimate high tech bathroom is incomplete without an LCD television tucked away somewhere. So how about behind your bathroom mirror? That's the idea behind Mirror Image.

LCD TV Built In To A Mirror

Ad Notam Mirror Image
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Legend has it that the concept for Mirror Image was born when its creator was on the floor of the stock exchange and had to have a bathroom break. As he was washing his hands, he thought how convenient it would be if he could keep watch on all the action on the floor while he was looking in the mirror.

This is a very smart idea from Ad Notam - a range of bathroom mirrors with an integrated LCD TV and loudspeaker system. So when you've switched off the TV via the remote control, the product just looks like a normal, albeit highly stylish, glass mirror.

The Bathroom Mirror TV range is designed to withstand the hot, wet and sweaty bathroom environment by means of a special humidity-resistant casing, with IP X2 and IP X5 safety ratings.

Mirror Image is not restricted to the bathroom either - it can be recessed into the wall or above the fireplace in your living room - so you have a flat screen TV when you want it and a mirror when you don't. Our favourite location for this smart product is in the kitchen. Mirror Image can hide behind the kitchen splashback, allowing you to cook and watch TV at the same time.

There are a range of options in mirror size as well as TV size. You can also select a mirror with background lights for a softer look.

There is also a choice of Crystal Mirror or Magic Mirror models, depending on where you wish to install the product. In the latter, the Mirror Image LCD completely disappears behind the mirror when turned off - so all you see is a mirror. With the Crystal Mirror models, a piece of the mirror is cut out where the LCD slots in behind. So for example, you might choose Crystal Mirror for a kitchen splashback that uses opaque tiles and Magic Mirror for a splashback made of glass sheets. Neat!