Sony Ferrari PS3 Kit Exposed. First Pictures

Written by David Richards     19/05/2007 | 10:17 | Category: HOME

If you have bucket loads of money and want the ultimate Sony Ferrari PS3 kit, the answer is the Australian developed SX02 GT Challenge Simulator that incorporates a full Ferrari simulator with a PS3 that blurs the line between virtual and reality.

 The Simulator is a fully integrated PS3 driving experience simulator complete with stacks of original Ferrari gear. It comes with stunning sound and state of the art graphics to give an incomparable virtual driving experience.
Your gear shifting is a choice between Fully Automatic, Manual via the steering wheel paddle shift or SimworX's motorsport inspired, manual gear lever or Logitech's latest 6 speed H pattern shift, which can be fitted on either the left or right hand side (Euro-spec) of the cockpit.

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The real Ferrari alloy pedals are designed to give a 'real life' feel, with a progressive loading the harder you push. This is important, especially for the brake pedal as it avoids premature brake lock up when you hit the pedal.

An Integrated Amplifier drives a pair of state of the art Titanium triple cone speakers and a long throw sub woofer. The Titanium speakers are mounted behind your head on the race seat and the sub is mounted in the chassis under your seat. It is all controlled by a remote volume/bass unit fitted next to your race seat. If you want to race without disturbing the rest of the household just plug in a set of headphones into the jacknext to your seat.

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The ride of your life. Sit yourself into your race seat, select your race car of choice from 100 or so on offer, select your favourite circuit, experience every jolt and bump, every gear change, every rise and fall of engine note with astonishing realism. The Titanium triple cone driver speakers behind your head take care of all of the engine & transmission sounds, whilst the long throw Sub Woofer growls away under your seat, giving you all of the road sound sensations and vibrations that a race driver experiences. It gives you the
impression of going fast, Very Fast!!

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