Who Has The Best Performing Wireless Routers, Netgear, Cisco, D Link or Belkin?

Written by David Richards     06/07/2011 | 02:36 | Category: HOME

Netgear, Cisco and D Link routers have all been outperformed by new Belkin routers according to an independent report released by the Tolly Group.

An independent IT testing group Tolly found that Belkin's N150, N300, and N600 DB together averaged a 68 percent performance improvement across all tested products, while the flagship N750 DB tested concurrent Wi-Fi and WAN speeds of up to 900Mbps.

Belkin who recent underwent a management shakeup in Australia appears to have some of the fastest Wireless routers for the home following the surprise performance results.

Test results of the Belkin N150, N300, and N600 DB routers has revealed that these models are among the fastest over greater distances in the home.

Routers from Netgear and D Link begin to lose signal strength more rapidly after 9 metres, but Belkin routers across the board maintain higher speeds even at distances greater than 18 metres, which in a home environment means you get better Wi-Fi coverage across multiple rooms and a fair distance away from the source location of the router.

When the Tolly group tested the N750 DB Belkin router, for power processing and the devices ability to maintain network performance, while running multiple high-bandwidth applications they discovered some interesting results.

A test using simultaneous bidirectional throughput of the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands with WAN port download traffic in a single location at 4.5 metres showed concurrent Wi-Fi and WAN speeds topping twice that of other major brands at more than 900Mbps and network download speeds at almost double the competition.

Tolly said that households using this device get more consistent network speeds and an ability to download and stream content without sacrificing the speed or quality of either activity.

Specific findings in the report include:

Belkin N150/N300/N600 DB
-At 18 metres, the Belkin N150 provides 38-135 percent greater speeds for a 78 percent average performance improvement.
-At 18 metres, the Belkin N300 provides 46-94 percent greater speeds for a 67 percent average performance improvement.
-Under heavy simulated download traffic, the Belkin N600 DB provides 39-331 percent greater speeds for an 82 percent average throughput performance improvement.

Belkin N750 DB
-Twice the speeds of concurrent Wi-Fi and WAN and up to 900Mbps vs. under 400Mbps from the competition
-Up to 42 percent faster 2.4 GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi performance
-Up to 93 percent faster WAN downloads
-Consistent performance across all network connections

The Tolly Group said that they benchmarked the performance of Belkin's routers in an actual residential setting up against comparable products from other leading home networking brands.

Among the brands tested were Netgear, Cisco and D Link routers.

Leading routers were determined by identifying the most commonly purchased routers that collectively accounted for a majority of router sales. All tests for a given benchmark were run on the same day to minimise variability from environmental factors. For complete test results and methodology, visit www.Belkin.com/router-speed.

"Performance rank high on consumers' list of most valuable features for routers, especially as they begin to add multiple devices and stream high bandwidth content over their home networks," said Mike Chen, Belkin's Networking General Manager. "We went to great lengths to ensure our MultiBeam technology provides performance improvements over our competition, and we're thrilled that The Tolly Group results validate our efforts."

"We put Belkin's routers through real-world testing scenarios and the results show a clear competitive advantage over other leading brands," said Kevin Tolly, founder of The Tolly Group. "While each Belkin router logged performance improvements over competing products, the combined result of faster download speeds and two times faster concurrent Wi-Fi and WAN speeds for the Belkin N750 DB really set that router apart."

Availability: Testing coincides with the on-shelf availability of the Belkin N450 and the N750 dual-band router.

Belkin Routers are sold at JB Hi Fi and Harvey Norman stores.