Look out Samsung! Google Smartwatch Is On

Written by Oonagh Reidy     16/10/2013 | 09:11 | Category: WEARABLE TECHNOLOGY

Look out Samsung, Google Gem is a-coming.

Look out Samsung! Google Smartwatch Is On

Hot on the heels of the Samsung Galaxy Gear - its the first ever smartwatch, Google are set to release it's own device, called Gem, according to reports.

Google Gem would be switched on "sooner rather than later,"a source told Android Central, which could mean in the next few weeks just in time for Christmas sales.

Unlike Samsung's Galaxy Gear, which works with just Note 3 S3, S4, Google Gem would work in tandem with all 'Droid based smartphones, anything from a HTC, to a Sony or LG.

Gem is also tipped to run the Google Now, which tells you everything from where the best restaurant is to finding the nearest train station.

AS 9to5 Google puts it "the 'serendipitous' information that Google Now shows you on your phone could come up in the watch. Time to get home, Calendar alarms, emails, SMSes, etc. all could get pushed to the watch's display".

It is tipped to run Android's upcoming OS KitKat, and there is also speculation it will sport Google 'Glass-like features', suggesting the Gem may have the edge over the Galaxy Gear in terms of functionality.

Samung has been criticised for its first attempt at a smartwatch which works only with Note 3 and Galaxy 3 and 4, at present costing a hefty $369. Battery life is also questionable - something which Google is looking to extend with its new Gem.

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