Google Glass Will Work With Your Everyday Glasses

Written by Tony Ibrahim     13/03/2013 | 12:03 | Category: INDUSTRY

Google Glass, meet everyday prescription glasses.

Google Glass Will Work With Your Everyday Glasses
I've been wearing glasses for a long time, well before the hipsters decided frames were cool. It never bothered me though, not until I realised I won't be able to wear them and Google's new Glass project at the same time.

Fortunately Google has buoyed my spirits by announcing their Google Glass will work with prescription glasses, and it'll be available before the end of 2013. They did, however, warn the Explorer Edition won't don the modular design as the company is "still perfecting the design for prescription frames."
"The Glass design is modular, so you will be able to add frames and lenses that match your prescription," the company explained in a post on Google+.

"We understand how important this is and we've been working hard on it."

One of the reasons why Glass looks so intimidating is because it has a thick frame and no lenses. It actually looks less sci-fi when coupled with everyday glasses. In the picture above, Greg Priest-Dorman, a member of the Glass team, models Google Glass with his day-to-day eye wear.

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