Apple's Wearable iPhone Penned For 2013

Written by Tony Ibrahim     05/03/2013 | 00:29 | Category: INDUSTRY

Apple's iWatch could be gracing your wrist in a few months.


Apple needs a win. Between Samsung dominating them, their share price falling to a yearly low and a lack of stimulating products, the company is in dire need to revolutionise another category. And in Jobs' absence, the task rests heavy on the company's design chief, Jonathan Ive. 

And it looks like Ive has his eyes firmly on an Apple branded watch.

Reports originating from Bloomberg and corroborated by The Verge suggest Jonathan Ive is leading a team of "some 100 engineers" producing an Apple iWatch. These engineers aren't knocking off the iPod Nano operating system either; they're reworking iOS—the software used on the iPhone and the iPad—to work on a watch.
To run iOS, even a scaled down version, will require some serious processing grunt. Given the size constraints, it's possible an iWatch could have a processor as powerful as the iPhone 3Gs (single-core 600MHz).

An iWatch Mock Up

Holding up production are issues with the battery. Apparently Apple wants an iWatch to last 4-5 days before it needs to be charged, but the current prototypes are lasting a couple of days max. Apple has already proven it can overcome such obstacles; it's just a question of how quickly they can get the job done. Bloomberg's sources suggest it'll be soon as the iWatch is expected sometime this year.

Prompting them is Google's scheduled release of their Glass project. Another iteration of wearable technology, Google's Glass are glasses that feed information intuitively right onto a pane just above your eye.

Despite the different direction Apple and Google are taking, it looks like wearable tech will be the next big thing. Worryingly, Microsoft will realise this too late.