CES 2014: LG 'HeartRate' Earphones Set Pulses Racing?

Written by Oonagh Reidy     07/01/2014 | 08:33 | Category: INDUSTRY

LG pulls wearables out of the bag for CES

CES 2014: LG Wearable tech is big news right now and LG has thrown down the gauntlet with Life Band - a touch based OLED display that tells you stuff like the amount of calories burned, and the number of kms walked or ran. 

So, basically similar to every other smartwatch now flogged by Samsung, Sony, Jawbone et al. 

Image credit:Techcrunch
Life Band runs via Bluetooth and can be paired with an Apple or Android phone, displaying mobile information like incoming calls and texts. 

But wait, LG also has a clever set of Heart Rate earphones, which tells you your heart rate (if you want to know, that is) by measuring blood flow to your ears. 

No word on Aussie availability but the LG wearables are being released in the US early this year.