Panasonic Lifts Lid On New Toilet Seat Strategy

Written by Oonagh Reidy     29/05/2014 | 09:45 | Category: APPLIANCES

Electronics giant turning its attention to toilets, as it shuts Plasma and is also rumoured to be closing down OLED TV production.

Panasonic Lifts Lid On New Toilet Seat Strategy

Panasonic has revealed sales of bidet-fitted toilet seats have lifted 500% in the 12 months to March 31.

The electronic toilet seats, unique to Japan, are very popular with Chinese and Saudi Arabia visitors to the country, and cost as little as US$55. 

Panasonic plans to take the bidets and other electronic toilet seats global and increase capital spending to 140 billion yen until 2017, in a bid to expand international demand. It also sells other toilets including tankless and eco friendly models. 

No word if Panasonic plans to sell the bidets down under, but there are several websites including The Bidet Shop selling Hyundai and Coway bidets to Australians. 

Panasonic appliance sales increased by 10% to 1,196.6 billion yen in the year to March 31, due mainly to higher sales in its native Japan on the back of a surge in consumer spending before a consumption tax hike.

However, demand for Pana's household air conditioners in China fell during the period. 

There was also rumours Panasonic is about to shut its OLED TV production facility, as it struggles to make money from the enterprise. 

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