BREAKING NEWS:Beko Finally Talks About Their OZ Product Range

Written by David Richards     26/03/2013 | 14:03 | Category: APPLIANCES

Beko Australia has finally responded to SmartHouse questions concerning their product range in Australia, they have also confirmed that 8 of their dryers are currently being recalled in Australia.

BREAKING NEWS:Beko Finally Talks About Their OZ Product Range

Facing a barrage of negative publicity in the UK where the Company stands accused of being responsible for 11 deaths Beko Australia executives have said that "none" of the products being sold in Australia are from the UK or are similar to the UK models that are currently under investigation.

Paul Reeves the Sales and Marketing Director for Beko Australia said "We have no Beko products on sale in Australia that are similar to or from the UK market. No one at Beko is happy about what is happening in the UK. There is no evidence to indicate that Beko products have actually been responsible for any of the deaths in the UK".

Reeves did admit that several Court cases are currently underway in the UK to determine liability.

He also said that 8 Beko 7 Kilo dryers have recently been recalled from the Victorian market.

He said "We had a capacitor problem, it was a third party capacitor which was not manufactured by Beko, and we have issued a recall on this product. To date we have tracked down most of the products in question and I am confident that we will identify 100% of the affected products". 

SmartHouse now has a copy of a statement that was issued to the Seven Network yesterday, the statement reads 'The safety of our customers is our number one priority and we investigate every incident that is reported to us. Where issues are identified with Beko products we act quickly to correct the issue.

The Beko cooking and refrigeration products sold in the UK which have been the subject of media coverage in that country are not sold by Beko in Australia.

Due to an issue with a part supplied by another manufacturer there may be a fault with 7kg condenser drier model DCU7330X under one very particular set of circumstances.

We have identified the eight people who have purchased this dryer in Australia, all of whom live in Victoria, and are in process of recalling the appliance so it can be replaced'.