Beko Appliances Described As Death Traps

Written by Oonagh Reidy     21/03/2013 | 16:16 | Category: APPLIANCES

Beko, the Turkish appliance brand who launched in Australia last year, is facing a major crisis after it was revealed several people have died because of what has been described as "death trap" Beko appliances.

Beko Appliances Described As Death Traps

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The brand that was backed by NARTA in Australia stands accused of being responsible for up to 11 deaths in Europe. Now serious questions are being asked about the products on sale in Australia.  

Last month Narta, who exclusively distributes Beko in Oz, instructed local retailers to withdraw from sale three cooker models due to 'a power supply cord that was described as not suitable for installation in Australia and New Zealand.

When ChannelNews tracked down the Managing Director of Beko Australia, Michael Goadby, he said he was in Turkey and about to meet with senior executives from Beeko in Europe. Also with him was Kay Spencer, the CEO of NARTA. He denied that he was attending a "crisis" meeting.

Goadby claimed the stories published in Europe about Beko products was "pure journalist hype" and that he had "no comment to make about the dangers associated with Beko products.

When asked about the Beko products sold in Australia he said "They are not the same products." He then hung up. 

In Europe, Beko appliances including fridge freezers are said to be causing fire breakouts and killing people via carbon monoxide poisoning, due to overheating. 

According to the Daily Mail in London one man, an ex Microsoft employee, was killed by a fire which broke out in their London home. Authorities believe the fire was caused by a Beko fridge. His widow has sued Beko for ?1.5 million.

Recently the  London Fire Brigade warned consumers about buying Beko products claiming the Turkish products were a 'potential threat to life "after a series of fires."

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In February over 27,000 Beko cookers were withdrawn from sale. Product Recall UK said the reason for the recall was because the Beko cookers "can overheat and may catch fire". It is believed this has resulted in the death of six people in Britain. Also withdrawn from sale were various Beko gas cookers and tumble dryers. 

The London Fire Brigade has accused Beko of being ineffective in informing customers of the potentially fatal  faults.

Just last month, Narta, who exclusively distributes Beko in Oz, instructed local retailers to withdraw from sale three cooker models due to 'power supply cord that is not suitable for installation in Australia and New Zealand.' 

Their actions, was not classed an official product recall, so the ACCC were not informed. 

CN contacted Winnings Group, owners of Appliance Online and Winnings Appliances, who instructed us to contact Narta for info on Beko Australia. 

Beko Australia head office is based in Surfers Paradise.

Beko Europe denies any wrongdoing, saying it "has always acted in accordance with regulatory guidance, co-operated with all relevant authorities and abided by all accepted standards of industry practice." 

Senior management of Beeko Europe claim they sincerely regret any incident linked to their products. 
"We would like to express our deepest condolences to the families and friends of affected customers" Beeko said recently.

"The company strongly rejects any accusations that we have not acted as timely or comprehensively as possible to initiate the three corrective action programs."