Dyson Lodge Patents For Silent Hairdryer

Written by David Richards     20/10/2013 | 18:21 | Category: APPLIANCES

Dyson the UK appliance Company who gave Australia the bladeless fan and the bagless vacuum cleaner is close to launching a silent hairdryer if patents lodge in the UK are anything to go by.

Dyson Lodge Patents For Silent Hairdryer
The Company who has delivered several innovative appliances has filed diagrams with the UK's patents office that reveal layouts for "a hand-held blower with an 

insulating chamber" - in other words, a hairdryer, which is already being dubbed the Hairblade, playing on the name of its Airblade hand dryer.

When Dyson, now 66, became frustrated with his wheelbarrow, he invented the Ballbarrow - replacing the wheel with a ball so it would turn more easily. When he had to 

vacuum the house, his annoyance at conventional bag cleaners led to the invention of the Dyson cyclone cleaner.

The big question is now is whether he got annoyed with the noise when drying his own head of hair or whether it was noise created by his wife Dierdre.

Standard hairdryers are extremely loud, reaching up to 75 decibels - as loud as a vacuum cleaner, but when held beside your head they can be quite deafening.