LG's Ultimate Smartwasher Is Here

Written by Tym Yee     01/08/2013 | 12:25 | Category: APPLIANCES

The new LG washer range that has just hit the stores now includes three hero products; a 10-kilogram front loader, a 10-kilogram top loader, and an 8.5kg combo steam model that combines washer and dryer into one easy to use appliance.

The new front loader is set to change the way consumers view 'washing clothes' and has been de- signed to meet consumer demand for advanced feature sets and the large capacity that Australian households need today.

Topping the list of features included with the next evolution of washing machines is LG's 10kg drum capac- ity, potentially allowing fewer loads and more quality time with the family. In a case where size really does matter, the 10kg SmartWash- er reflects trends that move away from smaller machines in favour of smarter technology.

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Another key feature unique in this range to the 10kg front loader is TrueSteamT technology. TrueSteamT offers steam heated to a range of 50-60 degrees Celsius, helping to eliminate odours and wrinkles. When set with LG's unique Allergen Cycle, the SmartWasher can help to remove household aller- gens, such as dust mites, in warm wash as certified by BAF.

Some of the basics of the LG 10kg Smart Washer is that it comes loaded with 14 different washing programs, including Cotton Eco, Sportswear, Duvet and Intensive 60. These cycles are comprised of  a combination of 6 Motion Control options which imitate hand wash- ing motions for those more delicate garments.
With a recommended retail price  of $1899, the WD1407OSD6 has a water and energy rating of 4.5 stars and features a 10 year warranty on the direct drive motor.