LG Sheds Light On Habits Of Aussie Air Conditioner Owners

Written by Martin Kovacs     22/01/2015 | 14:13 | Category: AIR CONDITIONING & HEATING

LG Australia has released a white paper on Australians usage of air conditioners, surveying the habits of air conditioner owners and providing tips on how to manage energy consumption.

LG Sheds Light On Habits Of Aussie Air Conditioner OwnersWhile the majority of Australians who own air conditioners said saving money on their electricity bill is either very important or important to them, LG found that around half of air conditioner owners do not understand the breakdown of their bill.

Men are more confident than women that they understand the breakdown, with 57.8 per cent saying they understood compared to 44.1 per cent of women, with younger generations less likely to claim they understand, while older Australians indicated they had a better understanding.

Meanwhile, the top three methods for saving money on air conditioner usage are: using the air conditioner sparingly (1-2 hours per day), using fans, and keeping the air conditioner at a relatively high temperature (such as around 25-28 degrees).

Lambro Skropidis, LG Australia general manager marketing, noted being able to better manage energy usage "is crucial".

"Where things can get complicated is in knowing how to manage an air conditioners' energy usage," Skropidis commented.

"The challenge for us at LG is in how we educate Australians to use available technologies to take control of their energy consumption. This white paper aims to help demystify that for consumers."

The white paper details how technologies such as LG's Active Energy Control and Wi-Fi Smart Control can assist in managing air conditioner energy usage.

LG's white paper can be found here.