Panasonic Cuts Energy Consumption With New Inverter Air Conditioners

Written by Marie Jones     17/08/2010 | 23:08 | Category: AIR CONDITIONING & HEATING

Panasonic has launched what it claims is its most energy efficient range of air conditioners yet, with an Inverter range featuring an Eco Patrol Sensor.

Panasonic Cuts Energy Consumption With New Inverter Air Conditioners

The 2010 range, which comprises 11 models with the new Eco Patrol Sensor feature, detects the number of people in the room by monitoring temperature and movement and adjusting performance accordingly. All models also feature the company's Inverter technology, which provide precise temperature control for greater energy efficiency.

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Using high precision sensing, the Eco Patrol infrared sensor detects movement and adjusts the power to match the activity in the room, reducing power consumption and improving comfort. This means users no longer need to turn off the unit when leaving the room, or increasing the cooling when moving around.

The smart technology is said to cut energy consumption by up to 10 percent by not running at full power when the room is empty. In addition, the Inverter system makes constant adjustments to improve optimum performance at all times.

Panasonic's revolutionary e-ion Air Purifying System with Patrol Sensor, which has also been incorporated in all models, also detects levels of dirt in the air, and is said to de-activate more than 99 percent of dust, bacteria or virus as soon as it is detected. The filter is positively-charged to attract negatively-charged particles to minimise respiratory irritations.

In addition, a Mild Dry Cooling feature helps prevent a rapid decrease in air moisture while maintaining set temperatures so that the air is less dry.

The 2010 Inverter line up comes with a stylish curved design and a slim look, while the ventless intake grill is said to make the units easier to clean.

Seven models ranging from $1,219 to $3,119 comprise the S Series of Reverse Cycle Deluxe Inverter Air Conditioners and four models make up the S Series of Cooling Only Deluxe Inverter models. All are available now.