HeatMaster Heater Both Stylish And Efficient

Written by Dave Jansen     21/04/2009 | 00:28 | Category: AIR CONDITIONING & HEATING

In an industry that is becoming increasingly aware of the importance of eco-friendly appliances, Heatmaster has turned green with their new 4.6 star energy rating gas heater, the Heatmaster Enviro.

HeatMaster Heater Both Stylish And Efficient

The Australian made and owned company, has developed a gas heater that can not only heat your home but is also stylish and environmentally friendly. Whether the units are in a contemporary or period style home, three flame-background options of coals, pebbles or logs and stainless steel or black finishes will complement a wide range of décors. In addition to the impressive star rating, Heatmaster have also teamed up with Landcare to help contribute 100,000 tress back to nature in support of the 'Habitat 141' project that spans three states.

Features are abundant in these heaters, the most noticeable being the rectangular, streamlined shape whereas many units currently in the market have the traditional square facia with louvers and grills. With style in mind, the profile is wafer-thin and the elimination of louvers and grills provides a generous glass frontage for excellent viewing and sensational ambience. Since money doesn't grow on tress, Heatmaster have produced an exceptionally energy efficient unit. Included is a programmable thermostat that modulates the flame until the desired temperature is met and the gas input is reduced. In addition, four programmes can be set in one day and an option to heat an additional room via the main unit is also possible. All these features are designed to lower gas bills.

RRP: Please contact Heatmaster as price differs according to features.
Heatmaster: T: 1800 181 985 www.heatmaster.com.au
Habitat 141 project visit www.landcareonline.com.au