Panel Heater Reduces Energy Consumption

Written by Marie Jones     02/02/2011 | 04:10 | Category: AIR CONDITIONING & HEATING

Winter may be the last thing on your mind in the middle of a heatwave, but heating appliances are already making their way onto retail shelves.

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Omega Altise says it is responding to feedback from the Australian market for energy efficient heating appliances, and has released the first of its patented Magmatic devices which claims to be a proven performer when it comes to energy efficiency.

The Altise Elite Panel Heater draws on innovative German technology which uses a concealed heat tablet that provides up to 30 minutes of heat at a time without drawing on additional electricity, thereby reducing energy consumption by up to 10 percent compared with conventional convection heaters.

The unobtrusive, wall-mounted device is available in 2400W and 1500W models which can also be placed on castors for increased portability. 

The innovative heat tablet, made from 100 per cent bio-degradable ceramic material, is positioned in the centre of the heater directly above the heating element.  The tablet ensures heat is emitted from both the top and the middle of the heater. 

When the room has reached the desired temperature the built-in thermostat automatically cuts off the power and the Magmatic heat retention table continues to emit heat for up to 30 minutes while using absolutely no power.  The heater automatically switches on again if the thermostat recognises that the temperature has dropped below the desired level.

Other efficiency features of the Omega Altise Elite Panel Heater are their stainless steel heating elements offering up to 2.4kW of power, splash-resistant control panels to enable use in wet areas and aluminium grille for easy cleaning. Other features include silent heat, fast heat up, thermostatic control and auto-safety cut out.

The Omega Altise Elite Panel Heater is available nationally from specialist appliance outlets, electrical retailers and some department stores.  The OAE24ET 2400W model retails for $599.95 and the OAE15ET 1500W for $499.95.