LatestBuy Grabs World First H20 Powered Shower Radio

Written by Marie Jones     05/05/2011 | 00:41 | Category: BATHROOM

As forecast by SmartHouse, the first ever, eco-friendly, water powered shower radio that requires no batteries has made its way to Australia.

LatestBuy Grabs World First H20 Powered Shower Radio

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The UK patented device is being sold by Perth based for $59.95.

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The H20 brand, which was first showcased in the UK on the hit BBC TV programme, Dragon's Den, has been developed by the Tango Group, which has patented a micro turbine concept used in the radio that is powered solely through the motion of water flowing through the small turbine.

LatestBuy says the H2O Water Powered Shower Radio takes hydro-electricity to a whole new level.

"You don't have to be an eco-freak to appreciate this clean, green, dead-clever eco-gadget. (Although it really does make you wonder why we were wasting precious resources for the last few hundred years, when the answer was there all the time)," says its website.

The product measures 10 x 13 x 4 cm (L x W x H) and allows users to enjoy FM radio in the shower without batteries, easily attached to existing shower hoses, stores unused energy and works without water running through it, and is super eco-freindly, helping to reduce your carbon footprint.