Bathroom Mirror TV

Written by David Richards     11/08/2005 | 02:06 | Category: BATHROOM

Now you can preen yourself live on a bathroom TV mirror thanks to Philips and new reflective screen technology.

Bathroom Mirror TV

All vanity aside, we all take at least a few moments a day to gaze at ourselves in the mirror. The big one in the bathroom probably sees the most action--razor nicks, strategic comb-overs and not-so-frequent flossing. It's just a matter of good hygiene--and having a good mirror sure helps.

If Royal Philips Electronics has its way, the next time you peer into your beloved bathroom mirror you may see a whole lot more than bed head. Looking back might be a favorite newscaster, a current stock report or a TV show.

Fresh out of the Philips HomeLab is a new technology that enables a mirror to do much more than merely reflect. Called Mirror TV, it is in essence an LCD screen integrated into a mirror, which means that you could you could surf TV channels, the Internet or even view your blood pressure while brushing your teeth. When the LCD is activated, you see the display; when it's turned off, you see your reflection. To make sure it fits into small spaces, like a bathroom, Philips is making Mirror TV in sizes from 17 inches to 30 inches.

The first Mirror TVs will be offered to hotels, eventually making their way to the home market by 2005.