Finally! Touch-Free Toilets

Written by Mike Wheeler     02/09/2008 | 03:39 | Category: BATHROOM

Long the bane of Aussie women (and some men), keeping the toilet seat down is no longer a problem with the advent of the Roboloo, an Aussie invention that's sure to stop the bickering amongst couples about the state of the toilet seat!

Finally! Touch-Free Toilets

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As well automatically lifting the seat up and down, the Roboloo can be fitted with the economical auto-flushing device, which saves water.

All units have both self-lifting and closing lid and seat, and come with several switching options including Totally Touch Free.

The technology used is a hands-free sensor that you wave over the cistern that automatically lifts the seat(s). When you put the lid seat down it can automatically flush the toilet, which means you don't have to handle the toilet in any way at all.

The unit is said to fit easily into existing bathrooms, and all users have to do is remove their old seat and replace it with the new one. Roboloo says they can even build a seat to suit your own needs.

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