Samsung Aims To Be Tops In Cooking, Cleaning And Refrigeration With New CES Line-Up

Written by David Richards     06/01/2015 | 12:50 | Category: CLEANING

When it comes to cooking, refrigeration and cleaning Samsung has a new line-up of appliances that they claim are among the best in the world today.

Samsung Aims To Be Tops In Cooking, Cleaning And Refrigeration With New CES Line-Up
Revealed today at CES 2015 the new range includes a Flex Duo oven range with Dual Door. A removable Smart Divider can be used or removed to create three different cooking options in one oven: a small compartment for quick baking; a second, larger compartment for bigger jobs; and a single, big space for cooking something like a turkey when the divider is removed.

The small compartment saves time and energy, and its users' go-to choice most of the time, according to Samsung.

Samsung is also going head to head with LG in the fridge market with a new T9000 refrigerator model The special counter design allows the lower right section to convert between a fridge and freezer, based on the owner's needs. A counter-depth Food Showcase model is also coming, this fridge has interior and exterior compartments that make it easy-to-grab items like soft drinks and condiments don't require opening the entire appliance's door. 

Also, instead of staring blankly at your food while cold air escapes, you can now do that through the first compartment's clear door.

Samsung has also upgraded their POWERbot VR9000. The robot vacuum entered the European market earlier in 2014 and it comes to Australia shortly.

Its suction is 60 times more powerful than the competition, according to Samsung. The bot's brush is wider, too. Sensors and a camera help the vacuum map its path and help it avoid obstacles, but you can also control it with a remote control if you want. (Just please don't chase your cat with it.) When the battery gets low, the POWERbot drives itself back to the docking station for some R&R (rest and recharging).