New GFK Data Reveals Tablets Grew PC Market In Q1 As Smartphones Wobble

Written by David Richards     01/06/2014 | 11:25 | Category: CLEANING

Tablet sales is driving growth in the Australian PC category which grew 3% in the first quarter of 2014 claims GFK.

New GFK Data Reveals Tablets Grew PC Market In Q1 As Smartphones Wobble
Brands such as Apple, Samsung, Microsoft and Acer are grabbing market share at the expense of brands such as Toshiba and Dell who are struggling to get traction in the tablet market which IDG claims will grow by 12% this year according to IDC. 

New GFK data reveals that after experiencing tough market conditions throughout 2013, the IT sector has bounced back in quarter 1, 2014, growing by 3% in value.

Tablets sales delivered double digit growth for some vendors.

The average price of notebooks, and tablets also rebounded, with quarter 1 recording anaverage price growth for the first time in over a year.

GFK said that the mobile computing market declined slowed by dramatic fall in sales in the first quarter, however the decline has flattened out with growth of smartphones of 1.6%.

The increased share of premium priced phones was a key factor for this growth, with the market average price increasing strongly during the quarter due in part to carriers reducing their subsidies for smartphones. 

GFK said that premium smartphones have brought a range of high-end features into the market.
The majority of phones purchased in quarter 1 came with a 4G connection, allowing for faster delivery of data. Bigger screens were also more prevalent, as a quarter of all phones purchased had a screen that was 5"or larger.