Wash of Your Life? Panasonic EcoNavi Opens For $1799

Written by Oonagh Reidy     09/08/2011 | 15:56 | Category: CLEANING

Panasonic are so enthralled with their latest eco front loader they are claiming it will be "the love of your life."

Wash of Your Life? Panasonic EcoNavi Opens For $1799

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Panasonic Australia is celebrating its new front loader washing machine - with ecological navigation (ECONAVI), which detects the amount of clothing in the machine and delivers precise levels of energy and water.

This will give the most economical wash ever, say it creators and is the most energy efficient machine in its class with an energy rating of 4.5 stars and water efficient rating of 4.5 (also the best in-class), and features top-loader capacity at front loader efficiency, with the 340mm wide opening making it easy to load and unload.

The 10 kg NA-140VG3WAU is very lovable and is "smart, sensitive, quiet and eco-friendly" - and carries the declaration "I'm the love of your life" on in store displays. 

In addition to ECONAVI, it boasts "innovative 3D sensors, a newly designed matrix drum and silent arch acoustic body, the machine uses less power and water, while at the same time giving a quieter, superior wash."

"Our eco-friendly, smart washing machine is the perfect partner for Australians looking for an energy-efficient solution," Mathew Harrison, Panasonic Home Environment Manager, claims.  

The NA-140VG3WAU isn't cheap, however, and costs $1,799 from all good stockists. 

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