This Goes With That, New DeLonghi Kitchen Collection

Written by Peter Familiari     24/04/2015 | 00:00 | Category: COFFEE MACHINES

DeLonghi is a desired brand, not only because their products look good but because they deliver when it comes to functionality around the kitchen.

This Goes With That, New DeLonghi Kitchen Collection

Born in Italy in 1902 DeLonghi is one of the world's leading pedigree appliance brands, this is very evident when you first set eyes on  their recently launched Distinta Collection that consists of a new digital kettle, mechanical kettle, toasters, manual pump coffee machine and milk frother.

From their their bronze and copper coloured toasters and coffee machines to the matte-textured metallic finish these appliances really stand out as premium appliances.

Their new range which could easily be a centrepiece at Fashion Week has been designed to appeal to all those people who want to impress when it comes to dishing out the coffee or pouring a steaming hot cup of tea.

The combination of European heritage and clever appliance engineering is clearly evident when you pick up one of these devices.


Tea Lovers Delight

Take the digital Kettle that allows tea lovers to control the water temperature to suit their choice of tea. Whether it's white  or green teas that need water heated to lower temperatures of around 77 to 85 degrees Celsius this Kettle delivers.

 For black teas the temperature can be set at 100 degrees for the best flavour.

With the new Delonghi kettle, you can set the controls to bring water to the boil for temperatures of 75, 80, 85, 90 and 100 degrees Celsius or you can flick a switch to the 'keep warm' function which maintains the selected temperature for 20 minutes.

Then there is the mechanical cord free DeLonghi kettle for all those traditionalists who simply want a great new look on their benchtop.

Digital Kettle RRP $199; Mechanical Kettle RRP $169;


The Perfect Cappuccino

Renowned around the world including Italy the home of coffee machines, the new manual pump coffee machine which has an 'Advanced Cappuccino System' that mixes steam, air and milk to produce a rich, creamy froth is a real standout.

Drinks can be made using pre-ground coffee or 'Easy Serving Espresso' pods with double wall crema filter.

The machine has a 15 bar pressure pump, a transparent one litre water reservoir, two separate thermostats to control water and steam temperatures, a cup warmer, auto shut-off and a removable drip tray for easy cleaning.

You can also become your own barista at home. :

Pump Coffee Machine RRP $299; and Milk Frother RRP $149.


Hot and Cold Frothing

The Milk Frother allows you to hot or cold froth drinks, whether it is for cold frothy milk or a fruit smoothie or iced coffee.

If you are frothing a cappuccino or a cup of milky tea, the Milk Frother will keep the milk warm for you, while you make your coffee.

This DeLonghi product has a 250ml capacity and a removable magnetic frother attachment for easy cleaning. It's water resistant with a non-stick coating on the inner jug, plus a removable transparent lid.

Toaster to Add a Touch of Elegance

The stylish Two or Four-Slice Toaster caters for large and small toasting needs.

The toaster also has some nifty controls with a reheat, defrost and cancel buttons. There's also a progressive, electronic browning control, removable crumb tray, non-slip feet and an extra-lift position.

Two-Slice Toaster RRP $169; Four-Slice Toaster RRP $199;

This Goes With That, New Distinta Collection App

If you're not sure what items from the Distinta range will suit you there is now a Distinta Collection App that lets you mix and match colours

You can visualise up to three appliances together in real dimensions it also has a colour selection function so you can rotate and move the appliances around to suit the chosen space.

The Distinta Collection

For more information on the Distinta range go to,, or follow DeLonghi on Instagram or Twitter @delonghi_au