Save Money On Power With A Beko Tumble Dryer

Written by Pamela Connellan     04/03/2015 | 00:00 | Category: DRYERS

One of the most energy consuming products in the home has in the past, always been the clothes dryer, but that is all about to change with the new range of heat pump clothes dryers from Beko - all of which sport an amazing 6 star energy rating!

Save Money On Power With A Beko Tumble Dryer

With such a high energy efficiency rating, you will definitely save money using a Beko Tumble Dryer.     

FlexySense Makes Sense

A great feature of these new dryers from Beko are the FlexySense sensors which save you from having to guess drying time by allowing you to choose the desired dryness level. The dryer stops automatically when it detects the required dryness level, which has been keyed into the FlexySense sensor, has been achieved.

What makes the Flexysense sensors different to sensors on other dryers is just how precise they can be. The dryers also have a separate moisture sensor which makes sure the laundry is evenly dried.

Large Range Of Drying Programs

Xpress 35'

With this program, two kilos of laundry (about 8 shirts) can be dried in just 35 minutes. So when an emergency strikes, this program delivers the speed you need. With Beko's Quick 14' program, available on selected Beko washing machines, your laundry can be washed and dried in about 49 minutes.

Special care for delicates

The sensor-controlled Beko tumble dryers feature a special care program for your delicate laundry, making sure they'll be dried gently at a very low heat. This is great news because it allows you to dry those delicate items when you are in a rush.

Ease of Use

The LCD display on Beko dryers gives you all the information you need, including how full the water tank is, time remaining, child lock active or drying degree.

Time Management


The drying cycle can be delayed for up to 24 hours with a timer so you can plan your drying time more flexibly and take advantage of reduced electricity rates.

Beko's premium tumble dryer in the new range, the DPY 7504 XB1, is on sale now for $2399 from selected retailers.