A Close Shave? Panasonic Research Reveals Facial Hair Habits

Written by Martin Kovacs     19/01/2016 | 12:41 | Category: HEALTH & GROOMING

New Panasonic research has shed light on the shaving habits of Australian men, revealing that 37 per cent believe that the hipster beard phenomenon is on its way out.

A Close Shave? Panasonic Research Reveals Facial Hair HabitsWhile 60 per cent of men surveyed have facial hair, the survey found that only 23 per cent think they look better without shaving, while 49 per cent stated they are too lazy to shave, with 32 per cent thinking that not shaving saves them time.

The majority of men (58 per cent) still use a manual razor, while, among those who use electric shavers, 67 per cent claim they do so to save time and 52 per cent to avoid cuts and skin irritation.

A third of men also admit to having shaved because their partner told them to, while 48 per cent stated their partners prefer it when they're clean shaven.

The survey additionally reveals:

- Nearly one in 10 men have used their partner or housemate's leg razor on their face
- 17 per cent of men have also caught their partner or housemate using their shaver
- 36 per cent of men think beards make guys look manlier
- 31 per cent of men still think beards are cool
- New South Wales men think beards are cool (38 per cent), compared to 29 per cent in Victoria and 24 per cent in Queensland
- Over half of Australian male workers believe someone who is clean shaven is more professional (59 per cent)
- Facial hair decreases with age: 68 per cent of 18 to 34 year olds currently have facial hair, compared to 60 per cent of 35-54 year olds and 53 per cent of the 55-plus age bracket
- 38 per cent of Australian men are clean shaven

Panasonic states its latest ES-LV9N shaver "provides a close but gentle shave that won't irritate your skin, and is fast and effective".

The ES-LV9N sports a 3D multi-flexible pivot head, following the contours of the face without the need to apply force to the skin, smooth rollers, allowing the shaver head to rotate and slide sideways to glide over skin and reduce friction, along with a five-blade cutting system.

A shaving sensor detects beard density, with motor rotation speed increased where the beard is thickest and reduced where growth is thinner, wet/dry shaving allows users to choose what best suits their skin, with a fully washable waterproof design, while a cleaning station automatically cleans, dries and charges the shaver.

The ES-LV9N carries a price tag of $599.95 RRP.