Cool New Shaver For Hot Men

Written by Sarah Falson     29/10/2007 | 23:20 | Category: HEALTH & GROOMING

VS Sassoon, most famous for its hair-styling products including straightening irons and curling tongs, is targeting the male market with a new shaving solution - the i-Clip Automatic for maintaining hair cuts, side-burns and even shaving.

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The new i-Clip features an LCD for vital trimming information.
VS Sassoon is calling the shaver "sophisticated", "professional" and even "übersexual". The $129.95 unit is an all-in-one design with an automated comb which eliminates the need for attachments, offering cuts at 33 different lengths as well as a "fine-cut adjustment for designer stubble" between 0.5mm and 2.5mm.

The motorised i-Clip Automatic has a sensor which recognises thick or thin hair and cuts accordingly, resulting in an even trim all 'round, while a built-in auto-lube system means the blades never need oiling, and an integrated thinning system allows for layering and a textured finish.

Diamond-hard carbon and titanium blade technology delivers exceptional sharpness and fast, smooth cutting, says VS Sassoon.

The shaver also sports an LCD visual indicator which shows cutting height in millimetres, along with the comb guide setting, power usage and battery life.

"For the man on the run between beers, business and babes, this new grooming toy is easily transported between the gym, the office and the airport and features 60-minute cordless power and a super-fast two-hour recharge time," says the company.
"So whether you're chasing the woman of your dreams or on the hunt for a hassle free hook-up, you'll get noticed with the i-Clip Automatic's salon professional results. Your bathroom will also benefit -- sitting pretty in its funky rechargeable pod, the VS Sassoon i-Clip Automatic, will definitely add to the décor and help impress her in the morning!"

The i-Clip is available from all leading retailers in the lead-up to Christmas.