Electrolux Launches Recycled Vacuum Cleaner

Written by Manisha Kanetkar     16/05/2008 | 04:58 | Category: HEALTH & GROOMING

Being green-friendly is on the agenda of many people these days. Electrolux hopes to appeal to these eco-consumers with its new Ultra Silencer Green, which it claims is the world's first vacuum cleaner made from recycled plastic.

Electrolux Launches Recycled Vacuum Cleaner

The company says that 55 percent of the cleaner body is made from recycled plastic, while 90 percent of the whole vacuum cleaner can be recycled.

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Energy savings are also possible, according to Electrolux, which says the device uses 33 percent less energy than a regular 2000w vacuum. It's only got a 1250w motor but sucks up the average dust pick up of a 2000w machine, it says.

And another kind of pollution is lowered too - noise pollution is a claimed 71 decibels. The paper dust bag is made from plant material (cellulose) which means you can add it to the compost. (Although that would depend on what kind of rubbish you collect in the bag itself, we suppose.)

"A cleaner environment starts at home. Reducing the energy use of the appliance is extremely important as usage by consumers represents 75 percent of the product's total environmental impact over its life cycle," says Electrolux Floor Care & Small Appliances Marketing Manager Bianca Speller.

RRP: $399

See: www.electrolux.com.au