New Device Sharpens Gillette Razor Blades Ten Times The Use

Written by David Richards     29/03/2010 | 20:56 | Category: HEALTH & GROOMING

At $26 for a pack of 10, Gillette shaving blades are incredibly expensive, especially as the dull very quickly. Now, a Danish Company is set to help households slash the cost of that morning shave, by launching a device that sharpens razor blades.

New  Device Sharpens Gillette Razor Blades Ten Times The Use

The invention, called RazorPitt is a small silicone plate that in a few seconds "sharpens" razor blades and makes them as good as new, even extending the life of the blades with up to 10 times. 

How it works is simple. The Razorpit removes soap coverings, skin and hair, that sticks to the razor blade edge and after a few strokes on the Razorpit the blades operate like new. This saves the consumer a lot of money and is eco friendly the Company claims.

The market for expensive cartridge razor blades is dominated by Gillette in almost any country. More than 600 Million consumers worldwide use razor blades from Gillette and most of them like the quality from Gillette, but feel bad about the prices on the razors and blades", says Morten Kjeldsen the inventor of the RazorPitt.

"I was amazed of how expensive razor blades are and how they went dull so fast. It is high tech and it didn't feel right, that they had to be replaced so fast" he said.

A big hit in Scandinavia and the UK the RazorPit is set to be launched in Australia soon.