Hot Versatile Shavers From Panasonic

Written by Mendelson Tiu     10/12/2008 | 00:43 | Category: HEALTH & GROOMING

Panasonic has introduced a new generation of wet and dry rechargeable foil shavers that promises a host of advanced features to suit every need and budget.

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The new product line-up includes 10 new shavers to suit every user, comprising Four Arc Blades Shavers, Triple Arc Blades Shavers, Triple Blades Shavers, Double Blades Shavers and Single Blade Shavers. According to the company, its unique blade processing technology will deliver precision shaving and provide an effective alternative to the traditional disposable razor and foam shavers.

Each model in Panasonic's new range can be used on both wet and dry skin giving users the ultimate versatility and convenience to suit their grooming needs. Panasonic's new shavers can also be used with shaving gel or foam for a more comfortable shave, ensuring gentleness to the skin.

For easy maintenance, cleaning and hygiene, the shavers have been designed to be safely rinsed clean under water after use or cleaned automatically in the convenient recharging cradle that will complement any modern bathroom.

Panasonic's premium Four Arc Blades Shavers and Triple Arc Blades models feature Nano-edge polished blades at the optimum blade angle of 30 degrees to get the cleanest, smoothest shave. The inner blades are sharpened using Nano particle polishing technology to achieve an extremely fine blade tip edge of 0.3 microns, reducing the cutting resistance by approximately half.

Panasonic's premium range of revolutionary Four Arc Blade shavers feature a new fourth finishing outer foil added to the conventional three-blade foil. The finishing foil lifts short, flat hairs from their roots and shaves them close without damaging the skin. Using three-dimensional pattern processing, Panasonic has created a honey-comb shaped foil with protruding and sunken areas as thin as 41µm, making shaving under the chin and throat easier.

The increased surface area in contact also reduces pressure on the skin, thereby easing skin irritation while providing smooth and efficient performance.  The revolutionary Multi-fit Arc foils are designed to glide evenly over the skin for a quick, once-over shave, while the finishing foil closely shaves difficult to reach whiskers under the chin and jaw line.

Another important feature of the Four Arc Blade is the Omni directional flexible pivoting head which rocks up and down and side to side following the contours of the face to provide a smooth and comfortable shaving experience.

Panasonic's shavers are ergonomically designed to give a close, comfortable shave for every user. The full range has also been designed to ensure cleaning is simple and hygienic, rinsing clean with water after use. Additional cleaning convenience is offered with models ES8249, ES8109 and ES7109 that include a fully automatic self-cleaning and charging system to ensure hygienic cleaning as well as maintaining blade sharpness.

Users can select their preference of washing, drying or charging with a simple one touch button and the shaver will be thoroughly cleaned, dried at high temperature and charged in the cradle. The wash course also includes a lubricant which avoids the use of oil, to minimise odours.

Pricing and Availability

The new Panasonic shavers are available now (with the exception of ES8109, which is available late January 2009) with an RRP of:

ES8249 Four Arc Blade: $479.95
ES8243 Four Arc Blade: $429.95
ES8109 Triple Arc Blade: $329.95(January 09)
ES8807 Triple Blade: $329.95
ES8101 Triple Arc Blade: $279.95
ES7109 Triple Blade: $229.95
ES7102 Triple Blade: $179.95
ES4029 Double Blade: $89.95
ES-SA40-K Single Blade: $79.95
ES3833 Single Blade: $49.95