30 Second Body Scan Saves Lives

Written by Manisha Kanetkar     04/12/2006 | 22:19 | Category: HEALTH & GROOMING

New technology in the health industry is radically changing the way we get treatment and the latest CT system from Siemens promises just that.

30 Second Body Scan Saves Lives

Claimed to be Australia's most advanced CT (computed tomography) system, the Siemens SOMATOM Definition CT system is up and running in the Sydney Adventist Hospital.

According to Siemens, the system, which integrates two X-ray sources and two detectors, can capture a 3D body scan in thirty seconds and produce full colour detailed images.

"This new Siemens CT is faster than every beating heart and is capable of imaging full cardiac detail with as much as 50 percent less radiation exposure compared to traditional CT scans," said Siemens' Albert Goller.

One of the major benefits, the company says is that it overcomes existing limitations of cardiac imaging which restricts the effectiveness of CT for around 30 percent of patients suffering chest pain.

"Radiologists are now able to view a full-colour 3D body scan in thirty seconds and get precise details of every part of the body such as the heart, aorta, lungs, liver and kidney without the need for chemically slowing the patient's heart rate.

"Up to now, patients would need to be administered 'beta blocker' medication to slow the heart to a rate which would enable images to be produced - these beta blockers can result in side effects and cannot be used by up to 30 per cent of patients suffering from chest pain," Goller said.

Sydney Adventist Hospital is the first hospital in Asia Pacific to install the Somatom Definition Dual Source CT system.

Mr Goller said Siemens had invested three years and 100 million Euros researching and developing the Definition CT.