Watch These Weight Watchers Scales

Written by Sarah Falson     30/10/2007 | 00:15 | Category: HEALTH & GROOMING

Two new complete ranges of Weight Watchers scales are launching in early November, with features and prices to suit the most serious health fanatic to the occasional weight-watcher.

From a standard scale that measures accurate body weight, up to the deluxe model that calculates body weight, body fat, body water, body mass index, bone mass and weight tracking feature, Weight Watchers offers a 'tick-bar' table on the packaging which is designed to make it simple to ascertain which model is right for you.

"Whether you're panicking about hitting the beach this summer, or need to watch your weight for health reasons, Weight Watchers by Conair's technologically advanced digital scales can help you accurately monitor the crucial factors that affect your weight and health," said the company.

The two ranges - called Designer and Custom - both were designed with aesthetics in mind, featuring opaque glass and ultra-modern chrome finishes.

"With an increasing emphasis on the link between obesity and illness, these new scales help you track your weight whether you're a yoyo dieter, a fitness fanatic, or simply struggling to shed post-baby kilos," said Conair.

Conair is marketing the scales as means to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

"The prevalence of obesity is increasing at an alarming rate particularly in children and adolescents. Almost one in five Australian adults is estimated to be obese and almost two-thirds of men and half of the adult female population are classified as overweight," said the director of Sydney University's Institute of Obesity, Nutrition and Exercise, Professor Ian Caterson.

The range includes:

BODY WEIGHT Precision Electronic Scale $49.95
BODY FAT Precision Electronic Scale $69.95
BODY ANALYSIS Precision Electronic Scale $89.95

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The DESIGNER 4000 Precision Electronic Scale ($149.95) measures bone mass, body water, body fat and body weight.
TE WEIGHT TRACKER & BODY ANALYSIS Electronic Scale $119.95
DESIGNER 2000 Precision Electronic Scale $89.95
Designer 3000 Precision Electronic Scale $99.95
DESIGNER 4000 Precision Electronic Scale $149.95