Samsung Takes New Measures In Washing Machine Recall

Written by Martin Kovacs     23/03/2016 | 11:46 | Category: INDUSTRY

Samsung is broadening measures taken in its ongoing recall of six top-loader washing machines, originally initiated in April 2013.

Samsung Takes New Measures In Washing Machine RecallUnder the new measures to support the safety recall, Samsung states that it will launch a new inspection program to assess reworked machines not previously inspected, ensuring the rework was carried out correctly.

Samsung will additionally contact at least 32,000 affected customers, inviting them to participate in its inspection program and to again offer them either a refund or replacement washing machine.

"Samsung is making significant changes to the washing machine recall to address customers' key concerns," Samsung Electronics Australia corporate vice president Phillip Newton commented.

"The recall is unprecedented in its size and complexity, but this is not an excuse. We are committed to continuing to improve our operations."

Samsung states that it has recruited a further specialised team of 30 engineers to assist in carrying out the new program, having also established a Sydney-based call centre to support customers through the inspection program, while the Urgent Detergent direct mail campaign will be extended to an additional 22,000 homes.

"We acknowledge that we haven't always met our customers' expectations and are changing our process and systems to address this," Newton stated.

"At the same time, we are refining our marketing efforts to engage the last 26 per cent of customers we are yet to reach regarding the recall. From our experience, we know that targeted initiatives are the most effective and will be extending our Urgent Detergent direct mail campaign as a result."

Samsung's recall progress summary figures show that, as of March 17, 107,031 units have been resolved from a total of 144,451 units sold, with 74.1 per cent complete.

The following models are affected by the recall:


Further information for consumers who may be affected by the recall can be found here, and consumers can also call a toll-free product safety hotline on 1800 239 655.