LG To Launch New Signature Line-up At CES 2016

Written by Martin Kovacs     23/12/2015 | 12:39 | Category: INDUSTRY

LG is set to launch a new premium home entertainment and appliance line-up at CES 2016 under its LG Signature brand.

LG To Launch New Signature Line-up At CES 2016The line-up, which LG states was "carefully selected and designed by a special team within the company with input from leading design experts", will initially consist of a television, refrigerator, washing machines and air purifier, with more products to be added as it expands.

"By drawing on the best of LG's incredible technology and design innovation, the LG Signature brand will open up new opportunities for high-end appliances and consumer electronics," Brian Na, executive vice president and LG global marketing officer, commented.

With the line-up to be introduced at CES, LG states sales will commence in key target markets in North America, Europe and Asia soon after.

A preview can be found here.