BREAKING NEWS: LG Sues Dyson Over Suck Up Claims

Written by David Richards     27/10/2015 | 14:50 | Category: INDUSTRY

UPDATED:LG Electronics has sued Dyson over claims in Australia that its vacuum cleaners perform better than those made by the South Korean maker.

BREAKING NEWS: LG Sues Dyson Over Suck Up Claims

Despite the legal action being taken in Australia LG Australia did not issued any press releases despite the Company being known for issuing press releases for the most frivolous of promotions.

Instead it was left to LG Korean to confirm that British Company is being sued in Australia.

LG said that that had resorted to legal action and issued a lawsuit against British manufacturer Dyson over an advertisement in Australia claiming that its vacuum cleaners perform better than those made by the South Korean maker.

In the advertisement Dyson said its V6 cleaner is "the most powerful cordless vacuum" and boasts "twice the suction power of all cordless vacuums."

  LG claimed that such remarks can mislead consumers and decided to ask Australia's federal court to ban the advertisement.

The South Korean firm said the Cord Zero Cyking's suction power is twice as strong as Dyson's V6 product.

The LG's flagship cordless cleaner reached the Australian market in September.

Samsung Electronics LG's larger rival, also engaged in a legal battle with the British player last year.

In February 2014, Samsung filed a lawsuit seeking 10 billion won (US$8.84 million) in compensation from the British manufacturer in a patent row over a vacuum cleaner mechanism.

Samsung's suit was a counteraction against Dyson, which earlier had accused the South Korean company of violating its patents on the mechanism used in its vacuum cleaners.

The action was filed in the Federal Court on the 12th of October 2015, two affidavit's were filed on the 13th of October and the 23rd of October. 

This is not the first time that LG and Dyson have ended up in the Federal Court, back in 2001 it was Dyson taking action against LG.

After this story was posted  An LG spokesman said:

"LG Australia has initiated proceedings in the Federal Court of Australia against Dyson to restrain Dyson from making certain claims in relation to its V6 Cordless Vacuum. 

"LG Australia alleges that Dyson's advertisements claiming that the Dyson V6 cordless vacuums are the "the most powerful cordless vacuums" and that those cleaners have "twice the suction power of any cordless vacuum" are misleading on the basis that the LG CordZero cordless canister vacuum is in fact more powerful and has more suction power than the Dyson V6 cordless vacuum.  

"The matter is currently being considered by the Court, and as such, LG is not in a position to make further comment."

Dyson responded claiming:

"Dyson is updating our advertising message to reflect the fact that the Dyson V6 is the most powerful cordless stick vacuum. We continue to invest on behalf of retailers and consumers who back Australia's number one selling vacuum cleaner".