Samsung's SodaStream Fridge Fizzes

Written by Oonagh Reidy     15/08/2013 | 10:10 | Category: INDUSTRY

Its big, bold and has fizzy water on tap

Unveiled in Sydney last night, Samsung new fridge with sparking water dispenser is the first such appliance ever, in Australia.  

Powered by SodaStream, the huge 890 litre French Door fridge runs off an integrated gas system, that delivers cold, filtered sparkling and still water from the refrigerator door.   

But its not just sparking water - you can be creative with SodaStream syrups, juices or fruit to make colourful drinks, or make alcoholic beverages like Vodka and soda and cocktails, which Samsung demoed last night (Campari anyone?). 

You can choose 3 different carbonation levels, adding as much fizz as you like. 

Samsung Head of Home Appliances, Mike Lilly, says the new innovations in the Samsung latest French Door (SRF890SWLS) are "meaningful", and is a "usable fridge." 

But, he adds, the sparkling water innovation gives Samsung a competitive edge in the "key refrigeration segment" and "reinforces our leadership position in French Doors." 

Apart from the fizzy water, the four door fridge has oodles of extras to make it smarter - a middle drawer at benchtop level accessible for smaller members of the family, with Samsung's Smart Divider to separate foods - handy for fruit and snacks. 

The flexi middle drawer has 4 pre-set temperature settings: for meats Celsius (1 C), cold drinks (1 C), snacks (3 C)and party dishes (5 C). 

Sparking water demand is increasing in Australia, says Lilly, so this new innovation allows Samsung tap into that market.  
Advantages to consumers include saving money on buying soda water and lugging it home.  

Samsung say the 890L four door fridge, is ideal for entertaining with its large capacity, wide shelves, and for big families.  

The snazzy  fridge is aimed at the premium end and has a premium price - RRP $4999 - although this is likely to come down over time. 

It will be sold "exclusively in Harvey Norman form ! September for first three months and then go mass retail.  

Samsung's new French door also has Twin Cooling System, to control  temps in each compartment, keeping food fresh for longer.

You can also make fridge walls thinner via Smart Max Technology and its Ice master icemaker is smaller than previous models but makes 4.5kg of ice per day

Key Features 

-Large 890L capacity. Built-in ice maker (cubed/crushed). 

-Makes up to 4.5KG ice per day and stores 1.9kg. 

 -Twin Cooling Technology keeping foods fresh for a long time. 

-Space  Max  Technology  allowing  for  bigger  capacity  with  similar  exterior  dimensions  compared  toSamsung fridges without Smart Max Technology. 10 year parts warranty on the digital inverter compressor.

-2.5 star energy efficiency rating. 

-Digital temperature control. 

-Tempered Glass Shelves. 

 -LED Lighting. 

- Child lock

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