JB Hi Fi Boss Talks About Appliances, & The Impact On Their Brand

Written by David Richards     03/05/2013 | 09:12 | Category: INDUSTRY

EXCLUSIVE: JB Hi Fi has converted one of their most successful Sydney JB Hi Fi stores into a Home store a move that CEO Terry Smart claims is already generating positive results from new categories spaning small appliances and whitegoods.

JB Hi Fi Boss Talks About Appliances, & The Impact On Their Brand
Smart who took ChannelNews on an exclusive tour of his new Moore Park facility said that one of the unlock keys is "engagement" which is why the store is built around a series of high profile appliance displays such as a Samsung refrigerator that has Wi Fi and can communicate with a tablet.

Another display shows a robotic vacuum cleaner running across a floor while another display shows the inside of a washing machine that sits alongside a video screen that gives visitors to the store an insight into new technology built into the appliance. 

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Smart stresses that one of the key factors in designing the store was that consumer "still felt that they were still in a JB Hi Fi store that also sold consumer electronic goods".

"We need to preserve the JB Hi Fi brand while offering them other purchasing opportunities spanning appliances. We are also working on making sure that the introduction of appliances does not impact of the traditional side of a JB Hi Fi store". He said.

He added "The whole concept of selling appliances is fast becoming a good fit for JB Hi Fi, five or six years ago retailers were only offering a black or silver kettle or a white fridge we are moving beyond this, we are taking advantage of the change in attitude by consumers to appliances as well as the significant traffic who are already visiting our stores".

"The new categories that we have introduced already feel like they belong here and this was extremely important in redesigning the store layout, appliances are not simple a category add on".

"We are working closely with manufacturers to create a unique experience an engaging experience so that when a consumer walks into our store they understand what the new generation of appliances deliver, these displays draw people into exploring the appliance".

"Appliances today are all about technology and what we have done is moved to tell the connected story with some excellent in-store displays".

When a consumer first walks into the JB Hi Fi Home Store the first range they see is brightly coloured small appliances ranging from kettles to coffee machines to toasters. 

Smart claims that small appliances have become a "fashion statement" with manufacturers now delivering bright colours and unique European style designs to lure consumers into buying their products.

"Styling, new designs and the fact that small appliance have become a fashion item while also being technologically advanced is a great fit for JB Hi Fi Home and we are confident from that we will be successful in this category". 

Smart said that at this stage Moore Park will be the only JB Hi Fi Home store in Sydney, it will be one of six JB Hi Fi stores that have already been converted to be a combination of appliances and consumer electronics.

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