Panasonic Rice Cookers' Fuzzy Logic

Written by Oonagh Reidy     05/02/2013 | 03:34 | Category: INDUSTRY

Panasonic is giving Australia new rice cookers ...with Fuzzy Logic

Panasonic Rice Cookers
Pana's new Rice Cookers feature Fuzzy Logic technology which automatically adjusts the temperature and cooking time.

The 1.8L and 1.0L DF Series Rice Cookers - SR-DF181WST and SR-DF101WST - also have a steaming basket. program modes for cooking rice including white, brown rice and sticky rice, as well as Quick Cook mode.

But its not just for rice - you can also cook porridge and soups and the steam basket allows you to prepare foods like dumplings, healthy steamed vegetables or fish.

Its one-touch operation allows you to access the four main programs simply by pushing the button on the front panel.

The Rice Cookers keep rice warm for up to five hours at the perfect temperature, have a non-stick black fluorine surface and have a removable inner pan.

Included with the new Rice Cookers are a rice scoop, measuring cup and steam basket.

There are two models the 1.8 litre SR-DF181WST 1.8L DF Series costing  $109 and 1 litre SR-DF101WST  is priced at $89.