Forget TVs, Panasonic Invade OZ Kitchens

Written by Oonagh Reidy     13/06/2012 | 07:10 | Category: INDUSTRY

Once the king of TVs, Panasonic has invaded white goods shelves.

Everything from irons to rice cookers and microwaves now brandish the Panasonic logo in Australia.

Today, the Japanese giant launched six new Refrigeration models which is the most the most "significant product introduction for some time," said Richard Tassone, Panasonic's GM Marketing, Consumer Electronics.

The invasion of the appliance market marks a major new direction not just in Australia but across the world, Tassone added.

One out of every two Pana products sold is now white goods which now outsell its hailed Audio Visual catory globally, he added.

And Pana hopes to do the same in Oz - and now sell everything from rice cookers to microwaves and eco savvy fridges.

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But the Japs are reaping rewards from their shift in product focus and is now the No.1 selling microwave here in Oz, something which Tassone says he is "extremely pleased" about.

It also has a significant 14% share in the 10kg front loader category. It also revs up Pana's home appliance line-up to over 50 models - which now includes everything from air conditioners, washing machines and even bread makers.

Pana has been "quietly" establishing a footprint in the white goods market for some time, admits Tassone, but the launch of six smart models now sees it revving up its presence in the appliance market here - and getting quite loud about it.

But it now means business and is launching major marketing roadshow in the coming months for both consumers and retailers across Oz for its new refrigerators, which start at $1299 in the coming months, it announced today.

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"Home appliances is one of the fastest moving categories at Panasonic, experiencing more growth in the past 12 months than at any time during the company's existence in Australia," Tassone said.