Welcome To LG's Smart Home

Written by David Richards     01/08/2013 | 11:44 | Category: KITCHEN

At the 2013 CES Show in Las Vegas, visitors saw some great futuristic LG appliance technology with washing machines being just one of the categories where LG is delivering time saving technology. In the refrigeration space, LG's classy French Door Refrigerators are set to come equipped with a touch screen LCD panel.

Welcome To LGThrough the use of smartphone apps, users will also be able ttake advantage of easy food monitoring in terms of expiry dates, fridge capacity levels, and storage information. While these great technologies may take time to hit Australian shores, consumers in the market for a cutting edge laundry solution will find LG's 9kg Eco-Hybrid with sensor dry option ideal for the home. 

The machine provides a great drying performance through sensors that deter- mine wetness of clothes and the humidity in the tub for best care results. The larger drum size also allows you to dry more clothes at one time and comes with multi-temperature cycles that are easier on sensitive fabrics.

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These are just a few technologies that LG offers that can change the quality of life in the home; there are many more across their appliance range. One feature available on select washing machines, refrigerators, dishwashers, and Roboking Square Vacuum cleaners, is LG's Smart DiagnosisT. By using a smartphone and Lapp, the appliance can 'talk for itself' "to the LG Customer Service centre and help to diagnose potential issues. If you compare some of the great features above tthose on a traditional washing machine, they're almost a quantum leap apart.