Panasonic Switch On Smart Fridges

Written by Oonagh Reidy     13/06/2012 | 06:12 | Category: KITCHEN

Panasonic goes hell for leather on white goods, unveiling 6 smart fridges to Australia.

The Refrigerators, which start at $1299, come in white and aluminium, have a blaze of new technology including tools to keep food fresh, prevent bacteria and Pana's 'Econavi' energy saving smarts.

Pana's Refrigerators come in three sizes - 554, 465 and 421 litres - and boast sensors and program controls to optimise power consumption - handy when power bills seems to be getting ever larger in OZ.

In all six new Refrigerators fruit and veg are gently surrounded by cool air rather than direct airflow, using Indirect Cooling technology which prevents drying.

The top-of-the-range 554L models feature 'Vitaminsafe 'intelligence, which use blue and green LED lights in the vegetable crisper to activate the natural defences of fruit and veg to keep them fresher.

For food stored in all other areas of the fridge, 'Surround Cooling Airflow' blows chilled air from the rear panel upwards and to the sides to surround food items for consistent moisture.

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These clever models also feature a crisper with a 'direct vent' handle which locks securely to shut out cold air, ensuring fruit and veg retain their nutritional value.

Fridges are amongst the most wasteful devices in the home using 12% of the total power according to a Victorian government study.

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So how can these friges cut down this startling consumption figure?

ECONAVI Refrigerator's uses four sensors - a light, door opening, room temperature and internal temperature sensor to analyse total energy use, adapt to the user's lifestyle and save energy through cooling.

ECONAVI detects the level of lighting in the room, when and how often the fridge door is opened, and internal and external temperature levels helping to control its internal temperature.

It also has two power saving modes: Night Eco which works by reducing the cooling power when lights are switched off; and Smart Eco Mode, which memorises daily usage patterns.

The long-life, energy saving LED lights use less electricity than conventional lights.

And Pana's new fridges are big on space: the extra-large crisper are also fruit and veg friendly with space is wide enough to fit long vegetables such as silverbeet and celery.

All six models have a pull-out freezer drawer positioned at the bottom of the fridge, height-adjustable glass shelves capable of holding up to 100kg, and door pockets allowing storage of several 3-litre bottles.

 The chilled case compartment also helps preserve freshness without freezing with a temperature of around 0ºC - ideal for meat and dairy products or for cooling alcohol.

There is even a sunlight simulator to prevent food such as tomatoes and peppers from going off. Users can adjust the freezer temperature as well as use Quick Freezing without needing to open the door.

The curved designed fridges are fingerprint resistant, making it a doddle to clean, says Panasonic.

The frdiges starts at $1299 (421L) and go up to $1999 fo the 554 litre model and go on sale later this month.

The launch, which took place at Dank St Depot in Sydney, is the most "significant product introduction for some time" said Richard Tassone, GM Marketing, Consumer Electronics, Panasonic.

IT also revs up Pana's home appliance line-up to over 50 models - which now includes everything from Air Conditioners, Washing Machines, to Rice Cookers and Irons.

"Our new range of Refrigerators combines three key elements: freshness features, energy saving features and functional design," said Prue Sheehan, Product Marketing Manager - Whitegoods and Small Appliances, Panasonic Australia.

"Home appliances is one of the fastest moving categories at Panasonic, experiencing more growth in the past 12 months than at any time during the company's existence in Australia," Tassone said.