Samsung $600 Cash Back on Fridges, Washers

Written by Oonagh Reidy     24/05/2013 | 16:17 | Category: KITCHEN

Samsung largest ever cash back on French door refrigerators and front load washing machines.

Samsung $600 Cash Back on Fridges, Washers

From Monday, buyers of Samsung French door refrigerators will be eligible for up to $600 cash back and up to $250 back on washers from 27 May -31 July. 

So if you buy one of its high end 801 litre four door French door fridge, which costs over $3000 (SRF801GDLS), it could end up costing you less with the promo gift. 

Samsung is also giving cash back between $100 - $250 gift card on front load washing machines, depending on model. The offer includes the 8.5KG (RRP) 1499). 

"We're proud to be offering consumers great deals to ensure that they are not only getting a fantastic French door refrigerator or  front load washing machine, but also receiving something back for choosing to buy a Samsung product," Mike Lilly, Samsung  Head of Home Appliances. 

"Our research has shown that our customers love receiving gift vouchers on purchase so we're excited to bring this promotion back for Australian consumers to take advantage of."

Customers who purchase the select French door refrigerators will be eligible for a $200, $400 or $600 gift card on the following models. 

French Door Refrigerator models include: 

$600 cashbackSRF801GDLS, SRF800WGDLS, SRF936CLS 

$400 cashback: SRF731GDLS, SRF639GDLS and 

$200 cashback:  SRF579DLS, SRF527DSLS

Front Load Washing Machine models

$250 cashback: WD856UHSAWQ, WD10F7S7SRP, WD0754W8E, WD1102XVM, WF1104XAC 

$200 cashback: WF856UHSAWQ, WF856UHSAGD 

$150 cashback: WF756UMSAWQ

$100 cashback: WF1752WPC, WF1752WPW, WF1804WPC, WF1702XEC