Froth Up Your Latte - Latest DeLonghi Machine A Spacesaver

Written by Shelley Dempsey     10/07/2013 | 15:30 | Category: KITCHEN

Here's one for the serious home coffee connoisseurs who are short on space - the Italian-made slimline PrimaDonna XS coffee machine, which is just 19.5cm wide.

Froth Up Your Latte - Latest DeLonghi Machine A Spacesaver

With Australians expected to spend a whopping $800 million this year on coffee within the home, DeLonghi's latest coffee machine is a handy fit for coffee nuts in snug city apartments, kitchens and small office environments.

The fully automatic machine can froth up a favourite brew at the touch of a single button, for the most complex of orders - whether it's a latte, double-strength espresso or flat white, and whether the milk is skim, soy or full cream and frothed manually or automatically.

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DeLonghi says fans of the slimline design won't have to compromise on features, with the PrimaDonna XS offering all of the high-quality functions found in the larger DeLonghi fully automatic machines.

These include a cup-warming function - allowing users to heat up their mug in advance, and ensuring the coffee is kept warm for as long as possible. The machine's integrated burr grinder also guarantees the coffee beans are perfectly ground.

The DeLonghi PrimaDonna XS comes with automatic cleaning technology. After use, the carafe can be cleaned by the press of a button - ensuring no milky residue remains.

The machine is available for $1,999 (RRP) from all leading home appliance retailers across Australia from mid-July.