Panasonic Launches Green & Simple Washing Machines

Written by Tony Ibrahim     01/12/2011 | 01:34 | Category: LAUNDRY

Panasonic has launched two easy-to-use washing machines that sport an environmentally friendly attitude.

Panasonic Launches Green & Simple Washing Machines

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The 10kg NA-140VX3 and an 8kg NA-148VX3 will join Panasonic's existing line up which was introduced earlier this year. They'll use a new 'stain master' feature that'll remove 23 of the most common stains, including lipstick, coffee, juice, oil or wine, working that little harder so you don't have to.

Whereas most washing machines rely on archaic symbols and the disorderly knobs akin to a vault, these new washing machines feature an easy to use LCD screen. On the off chance you do get stumped by its operations, there's a troubleshooting guide at hand to help you out.

The real steal though is Panasonic's Econavi 3D sensor, which automatically measures how much clothing is in a load and moderates the water and energy needed. Its green technology sits alongside a HydroActive water supply system, which shoots water in five directions to effectively dissolve detergent quicker to spare energy. 

Although they come in two different capacities, they both feature a 340mm opening door that'll aid in easily loading and unloading clothes.
They're currently on sale, with the 10kg variant retailing at $1,499 while the 8kg holds a RRP of $1,199.