Fisher & Paykel Upgrades Appliances, Not Prices

Written by Matthew Lentini     20/06/2011 | 23:06 | Category: LAUNDRY

Fisher & Paykel has upgraded its range of top loaders with its 'SmartDrive' technology without jacking up the price for the second half of the year.

Fisher & Paykel Upgrades Appliances, Not Prices All of Fisher & Paykel's top loader washing machines will now come with a quieter motor with some clever technology behind it, while looking the same as older models on the outside.

The only facelift comes in the names, now donning the 'Smart' suffix. The updated line-up includes the QuickSmart, WashSmart, FabricSmart and the second generation of the AquaSmart, the AquaSmart2.

The new models feature a DirectDrive motor that continuously adjusts its speed during wash cycles depending on how the clothes inside move in order to reduce wear on fabrics.

The current MW model becomes the QuickSmart, made for short wash cycles with high energy and water efficiency.

The GW is now the WashSmart, giving a higher range of wash options. It now has increased capacity though, and has become more water efficient.

The former 'Intuitive' or IW is now the FabricSmart, featuring sensors that detect fabric types like denim and silk, adjusting the strength of the wash accordingly. When fabrics rub up against the wall of the washing machine, the level of friction against the agitator tells the machine what fabric it is.

The revamped AquaSmart is focused primarily on water efficiency, using minimal water with a washing design that mimics that of a front loader.