New Efficient Washing Machines From Samsung

Written by Emma Baker     27/05/2010 | 03:24 | Category: LAUNDRY

Samsung's latest range of washing machines, including a front loader and two top loaders, is designed to help users save more time, water and energy.

The front loading WF9854RWE combines stylish design with advanced technology to help users spend less time washing and ironing clothes. Two new top loading washing machines, the SW70SPWIP and SW80SPWIP, provide performance coupled with water efficiency, which can help to save up to 35 litres of water per cycle compared to other Samsung washing machines.

The front loading WF9854RWE has a large 8.5kg capacity that enables more clothes to be washed per load, and an energy efficiency 3.5 star rating. It also features Samsung's Aqua Shower technology that ensures clothes are washed more thoroughly, yet treated with care to help improve performance (compared with standard washing technology). Pumping water from the bottom of the drum to the top, and spraying the detergent infused water throughout the fabrics, requires less water, decreasing water bills. 

Additionally, the new front loading washing machine features Samsung's Super EZ Iron, which helps smooth wrinkles in clothes, and Air Refresh technology, which helps to remove strong odours and helps keep clothes smelling fresh.

Samsung's 8kg capacity SW80SPWIP and 7kg capacity SW70SPWIP top loading machines are powerful and water efficient. Both machines feature Samsung's unique Mist Shower technology, which is designed to reduce unnecessary water usage during washes and can save up to 35 litres of water per cycle. A fine mist of water helps to dissolve laundry detergents more effectively, resulting in less residue on fabrics and a more effective rinsing performance.

Both new top loading washing machines also feature Samsung's Magic Filter for more efficient lint collection, especially when the water level is low. The Magic Filter's electronic indicator notifies users when the filter needs cleaning.

The SW80SPWIP washing machine incorporates Samsung's Double Storm Pulsator, which uses dual jets of water to create multi-dimensional water currents to achieve a deeper clean. This technology also helps to reduce tangling.

This washing machine also has an internal memory that will memorise the most frequently used functions so they can be recalled at the push of a button.

"When developing new products, we are always looking to see how new technologies can benefit the consumer, wash after wash," said Mark Leathan, Head of Marketing, Consumer Electronics, Samsung Electronics Australia. "Our new washing machines have been developed to meet the needs of our customers - incorporating technologies that ultimately save time and energy and pack a serious performance punch."

All new Samsung washing machines feature Diamond Drum technology, which is designed to create the ideal environment for a deep, yet gentle wash. The Diamond Drum features hundreds of tiny water exit holes (20% smaller than those found in the average conventional drum), which decreases the rick of clothes getting caught and damaged, without compromising on performance.

The technology, which reduces the textile area exposed to the harmful effects of washing by 34 percent compared to other Samsung washing machines, is gentle enough to wash delicate clothing, such as wool, without worry, and has even earned Woolmark certification.