It Just Makes Sense

Written by Tym Yee     01/08/2013 | 12:39 | Category: LAUNDRY

Over the past few years we've been keeping a watchful eye on Hisense; a brand that seems to have secured itself as a very viable option for those looking for new consumer electronics. What some people may not know is that the manufacturer also offers Australian homes a selection of sleek appliances that provide established brands some serious competition.

Already available on the Aussie market are a range of eye-catching stainless steel fridge and freezers  as well as some first class wine cabinets. Considering this growing foothold in the refrigeration game, it might seem a bit surprising that the next appliances to be released locally by Hisense will be the feature-heavy HWFR9012V 9kg front loader Smart Washing Machine and the versatile 6.5kg HWFR6510.

But it makes a lot of sense. Most white goods companies are championing integrated Smart technol- ogy, and consumers are beginning to understand the potential Smart appliances have to change their lives. Thankfully for households, this means very competitive technolo- gies, and Hisense is already looking like a big player.

Whilst the machines are packed with smart technology, you won't actually see one of the most celebrated features of the 9kg HWFR9012V, you'll hear it. Or then again, you won't. The machine has a digital inverter motor that changes the motor's rotation in a way that makes it more efficient whilst producing far less noise. 

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The unique motor uses less energy than those found in conventional wash- ing machines and allows accurate control of speed and torque without sacrifice of its efficiency. This means households will save on power bills, but will also enjoy a quieter home. Both the 9kg machine and the slimmer 6.5kg washer come with Hisense's 360* Smart Wash Technology. The suite has five key features including Smart Wash Time Adjust- ment where the machine weighs your load and then decides on an effective washing time, and Smart Spin Imbalance Adjustment where garments are automatically redistributed inside the drum to ensure smooth and quiet spin operation. 

Other features include Smart Water & Power Usage Adjustment, Smart Detergent Dissolving and Smart Foam Control, which detects and then reduces excess foam formation. 

The HWFR9012V also has customisable Smart Programming for temperature control, spin speed control and even extra rinse cycles. Each user can save their preferences using the I.Program function which utilises the Hisense Smart Memory technology. This technology lets you automatically save your favourite wash cycle by holding the "I. Pro- gram" button for 3 seconds and can then be recalled for your next wash by pressing the same button once. If you've got a large family or a diverse wardrobe then this feature will help streamline your everyday routine. And that's something that Hisense has really focused on with the HWFR9012V and HWFR6510; making washing a seamless part of your busy life. 

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The Time Delay function allows you to load the machine and have it start to suit your schedule and the 15-Minute Super Quick Wash will clean lightly-soiled garments to wear the next day. Stop & Reload lets you to add items to washes already underway. Whilst the 9kg machine comes with an 11 year inverter motor warranty, you probably won't need to rely on  it as the HWFR9012V has both a thorough Drum Clean function and I.Check. The self-diagnostic system will show an error code which corresponds to a full error solution found in the user manual.

Whilst some people might not have made the switch over to Smart appliances yet, they'll be nearly unavoidable in the future. And this  is with good reason. Smart Washers are energy efficient, time saving and work for you. They just make sense. As with their entire 2013 range Hi- sense has not yet disclosed pricing on the two machines, but they will be available from all Hisense authorised retailers.