Sharp Steams Ahead With Kitchen Innovation

Written by Staff     22/01/2015 | 16:40 | Category: MICROWAVES

Multi-functional and versatile, Sharp's new Steamwave oven features 3-in-1 cooking, making it a combination of a Steam oven, Grill and Microwave.

Sharp Steams Ahead With Kitchen Innovation

The easy to use Sharp AX1100JS STEAMWAVET is pre-programmed with 27 easy auto menus, to give you stress-free, healthy cooking.

Sharp researches current cooking habits and kitchen design trends to enhance its appliance range.  The 3-in-1 STEAMWAVET oven makes efficient use of space, adds style to the modern kitchen and caters to the growing demand for healthier cooking options.


Offering a versatile cooking solution, the Sharp AX1100JS steam function is a simple and healthier way to cook meals, increasing vitamin retention and the flavour of food. Using the 14 easy auto Steam menus makes cooking simpler and hassle free.


A wonderful additional to this appliance is the Grill function which provides a grilled effect by browning and crisping food. The 1100W Grill can be used either on its own or in conjunction with the Microwave for a Mix Grill setting. There are also four easy auto Grill menus, pre-programmed for your convenience.


The 900W microwave features a range of options to minimise the guess work when cooking or reheating. Sensor Reheat settings and defrost options have been incorporated providing a total of nine easy auto menus.

The 3-in-1 Sharp AX1100JS STEAMWAVET optimises the home cooking experience with its efficiency and convenience. The appliance is available in a black/silver colour combination, making it a stylish addition to any kitchen. For more information go to

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