World First Technologies For Healthy BBQs

Written by Mike Wheeler     29/07/2008 | 06:13 | Category: OUTDOOR

With summer just around the corner, a new range of barbecues will make their debut in October fitted with technologies not seen in the barbecue market before, claims manufacturer Everdure.

World First Technologies For Healthy BBQs

Everdure's e series includes the top of the range seven-burner E7, the midrange E5 and smaller E2, which all the esee integrated halogen lights in their lids so people can see what their food looks like while it is being cooked.

With the E7 and E5 there is a multi-cook system, which means you can throw a steak on the hotplate, and cook a pizza at the same time. The pizza application can be replaced and turned into a wood-smoking device, or a hotplate where you can put on a pot for steaming vegetables, or even a wok to stir-fry food.

Another piece of technology was discovered accidentally. The hotplates on the units sit at a 15-degree angle to drain away unwanted fat and juices. However, this angle also had another affect - it created a heat trap vacuum underneath the plate, which distributed the heat evenly. This did away with troublesome "cold" spots, which means everything is cooked evenly.
Probably where the designers really made their money was the draining of the fat and juices to one central area. This means that the bane of many a barbecue aficionado's life is made easier - the cleaning of the unit.

Quite a few of these technologies - including the lighting and multi-cook systems - have patents pending, which means competitors will have a hard time trying to duplicate Evendure's technologies. Units can be connected
These units will be sold through Davy Jones, Domayne and selected Harvey Norman stores, as well as specialty BBQ retail outlets.

E7 $4,600
E5 $2,600
E2 $1,299