Chuck 10 Prawns On The Barbie

Written by Rob Gillam     10/02/2006 | 06:55 | Category: OUTDOOR

And, while you're at it, three crayfish, four scotch fillets, four lamb kebabs and four salmon steaks.

Chuck 10 Prawns On The Barbie

Smeg's 90 centimetre BQ90R fits them all and, with your expert assistance, grills to perfection.


Many barbecues have stainless steel finishes. Smeg hasn't mucked around with this baby. It's all stainless steel - from the body to the lid to the (5 mm) hot plate.


Heat comes via three 15.1 mega joule per hour horse-shoe burners. It also features a wood chip drawer for those who enjoy their barbecued meats extra smokey. Smeg says the BBQ is designed to have the lid down even for grilling so you may not need to use the smoker. You'll likely be using the lid handle a lot, though.


Cost: $3390.




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