Cordless Power Tools From Panasonic

Written by Mendelson Tiu     08/10/2007 | 01:26 | Category: OUTDOOR

Panasonic has launched a Cordless Multi-impact Drill Driver and a Cordless Rotary Hammer that is part of the company's 'Revolithium' cordless power tools line-up.

Cordless Power Tools From Panasonic

These 'Revolithium' lithium-ion models incorporate original the companies technologies which it exceptional safety and reliability.  The battery cells of the unit are individually monitored to ensure optimal discharge control and can even shut off if the battery voltage falls too low or if it becomes too hot during heavy duty use, the company says.

The EY7542LN2S Cordless Multi-impact Drill Driver

The EY7542LN2S offers both impact driver and drill driver mode, with features including a high-powered 140Nm in impact mode, a 21-stage clutch in drill and driver mode, and Panasonic's advanced 14.4V Li-ion battery.

Panasonic's Product Manager for Power Tools, Steven Pauling said, "You don't need to change tools for different tasks, so this is ideal for tradespeople such as builders, joinery and drywall contractors, as well as those in mechanical and electrical trades."

The unit offers comfortable handling during drilling, driving and fastening tasks which reduces user fatigue across a wide application range. The ergonomic design includes a white LED light, so it is easy to see areas for fastening screws, even in dark conditions, the company says.

The EY7880LN2T Cordless Rotary Hammer

The EY7880N2T Rotary Hammer weighs 3.8 kilos and features a cooling system and dust-proof design to ensure total reliability for tough, continuous concrete drilling tasks such as anchor holes.

A dust-proof switch prevents particles of dust from entering the tool, while its gear case is made from magnesium. In addition, the hammer and gears are also covered to prevent fine particles of dust from entering the tool, with air flows through the space between the gear case and the main unit housing to provide cooling. Finally, a two-finger switch and a slim grip make the Rotary Hammer easy to hold for difficult tasks, and reduces fatigue during extended use.

Availability and Pricing

The EY7542LN2S Cordless Multi-impact Drill Driver and the EY7880LN2T Cordless Rotary Hammer will come with an extra battery pack, a charger, and a carrying case for additional storage, with the EY7542LN2S and the EY7880LN2T having an RRP of $699 and $1149 respectively.